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The River Brett near the mill

Layham is a mainly residential parish of around 600 people living in 240 homes. The parish is split in two by the River Brett – the only direct connection being by footbridge over the river at Layham Mill.

East of the river is Upper Layham in which two thirds of the people live. West of the river is the much larger area of Lower Layham where the remaining third of the people live.

Most of the land is farmed and the only 'industry' is the gravel extraction on the western edge.

The community is served by an Anglican church (St Andrew’s), a village hall, a playing field, and a public house (the Queen’s Head in Lower Layham).

Print your own 'Welcome to Layham' booklet

A Welcome to Layham booklet can be downloaded and printed. It contains details of the facilities and services set out on this website. Please note that the text of the booklet will change as information changes, so the useful life of a hard copy may be limited. Jane Cryer, the Parish Clerk (tel: 01473 824 287, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) will supply you with a hard copy if you cannot print your own.

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