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If you are passing or staying nearby and have an hour to spare, then a look at the watermill and its surroundings is an interesting experience. If you approach from Upper Layham, then consider crossing the River Brett on the footbridge and walking up Church Lane to look at St. Andrew’s Church. If you approach from Lower Layham then the mill is reached via Church Lane.

Layham Mill

The present Layham Mill was re-built in Victorian times following a fire which burned down the much older building.

St Andrew's, Layham

St Andrew’s Church dates back to 1300 – the external walls of the nave and the chancel being original flintwork. The tower was re-built in brick in 1742 and the inside of the building (including the windows) is strongly Victorian.

Beside the church is the old school and school house. The school closed in 1926 and the building, whilst used for a short time as a village hall, has been a store and garage for many years.

Layham School in times gone by

Opposite the church is a burial ground in which the village war memorial is a feature.

Opposite the church on the other side of the road is a large farmhouse and working farm yard. This is Netherbury Hall – in medieval times one of the two manors of Layham.

The Queen's Head, Lower Layham

A short walk up Lower Street will bring you to the Queen’s Head – a traditional public house that has retained much of its charm.

Opposite the pub is a building named the Dower House which, until the 1940s, housed a wheelwright’s business and before that was a slaughterhouse and butcher.

Foothpaths in and near Layham

One of the best ways of appreciating the charm of the whole parish is by using the footpath network.  Click on the thumbnail to the right to download a map of the network - feel free to print this out and take it with you as you explore the area.

A nice circular walk to start with runs from Church Lane, over the open land to Water House Farm – straight on over the drive and then alongside the hedge until the River Brett appears on the left. Follow the river until a track runs off to the right diagonally over the grassland. In the distance is a gap onto the Shelley road at which you turn right and follow the minor road into Lower Layham. Bear right at the junction and you will pass the pub and eventually reach the church. Church Lane (where you started) is to the right of the church.