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Local History Recorder

Local history recorder and Layham Local History Group

Mike Woods - Layham's Local History RecorderThe post of Local History Recorder in Layham is held by Michael Woods, who can be contacted by telephone on 01473 823 798, or by email at michaelwoods@suffolkonline.net .

The task of the Recorder is to work in partnership with the Layham Village Archivist to:

See that the present is recorded at local level by noting significant happenings in the Parish, especially interesting events and the changes taking place;

Record reminiscences of the Parish in the past;

Be on the lookout for items of historical interest that might be overlooked or lost forever and try to arrange for their acquisition for the village archive or for them to be copied;

Send in to the Suffolk Local History Council a short report at the end of each calendar year, giving an account of activities in Layham and the changes that have taken place. That same report should be given to the Parish Council at the time of the Annual Parish Meeting.

Layham Local History Group

A Layham Local History Group was set up in May 2016 with the aims being to:

  • Develop and maintain an archive of historical reference material relating to the Parish of Layham;
  • Research new fields of study relating to the Parish of Layham;
  • Publish and make presentations of their findings and/or exhibit for the interest of the public.
  • If you are interested in joining this group contact the Local History Recorder (above).

The Local History Recorder's reports are available for download: