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Village Archivist

Village Archivist Charlotte BrittenCharlotte Britton is the Layham Village Archivist and, as such, is a member of the Layham Local History Group committee.

She can be contacted by telephone on 01473 823 351 or by e-mail at charlottepbritton@gmail.com. She will be pleased to hear from anyone who may be able to offer items we might copy for the archive.

 Her task is to work in partnership with members of the Layham Local History Group and the Layham Local History Recorder to:

  • Catalogue, scan and annotate new photographs and documents that are offered to the village archive;
  • Make a register of material held in other locations – such as Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds Record Offices;
  • Seek material held by individuals and not so far shared with the Archivist;
  • Consider ways of showing material to the public occasionally through publication or exhibition;
  • Make an annual report each 1st April to the Layham Local History Group and to the Parish Council in time for the Annual Parish Meeting.